An artist whose work I love

Meg Holgate.

We attended her opening last night during the First Thursday Arts Walk in Pioneer Square. Her work is oil on canvas, soft and dreamy and still. The pieces vary in size from quite tiny to very large. Some of her paintings are all about misty greens and blues, so serene you could almost imagine floating away into soft lovely scene. Others are focused on the dark and the quiet–deep browns, almost black with unexpected shafts of muted light. Beautiful.

Meg Holgate - Morning Light - Oil on canvas, 36 x 24 inches

She has been represented by Jerry Slipman at Pacini Lubel for a number of years but up until last night, I had never had the experience of seeing her work in person. It was magical.

My work is also shown here, and as I am new to the gallery,  it was very interesting to be at another artist’s opening night, walking the same space and explaning their work and inspiration just as I had done just a few months before.

Meg was wonderful with her collectors, taking the time to meet and greet in such a warm and welcoming way. And it was thrilling to see her work so well appreciated.

Artists work in isolation. Opening night is such a contrast to the quiet inner conversations that take place between the brush and the canvas in the studio.

I’m looking forward to my own opening tomorrow night at Museo Gallery in the seaside town of Langley on Whidbey Island.

Ah, openings!

Kathe Fraga - Midnight and Green Silk - Acrylic on frescoed canvas - 36 x 24 inches

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  1. Lani McCormick

    Your work is genius my dear. It really shows that incedible mind of yours! Miss you KATH-O. – Lano

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