The New Floral Collection: Kathe Fraga Paintings, Inspired by Chateau de Gadunes, Chinoiserie and vintage Parisian Wallpapers

Blush, 36 x 24"
Blush, 36 x 24″

I’ve been happily very busy in the studio. My solo show at Roby King Galleries on Bainbridge Island opened in February and then, just recently, my June Show at Museo Gallery on Whidbey Island opened. So lots of painting, lots of colors and lots of loving every minute of it. Also, as fellow painters will note, lots of clothes covered with paint and oh well, floors too with errant little drips and the pups sometimes in their fur and the door handle on the front door and maybe-eek-just a smudge of red paint on the old marble counter top in the kitchen…and oh yeah, a little swipe of bright hue on my husband’s favorite fleece from a hug I shared…oops!

I’ve added some new florals to my direction and passion and also new colors–lime green, bright orange, big blues. I still adore birds as a story element, for romance and for the color they bring to the painting. The love of deer has made its way back into my work, along with hummingbirds and swallows and a motif I cherish, the two hare, facing and loving each other.

If you know my work, you know that I am in love with roses, so there’s always that: white roses on yellow, white roses on deep pink,

The inspiration for my work is the romance of vintage Parisian wallpapers and the hand-painted, age-old murals of France–the imagery never ceases to inspire. And along with this, the mystery, patterns, and colors of chinoiserie ancienne.

(I hope you’re following the amazing and beautiful adventures of the restoration of this beautiful castle in France–another inspiration as I paint. The soft and romantic murals they have recovered as they restore the old chateau have been magical.)

If you’re visiting New Orleans, please stop by Gallery Orange to see my work. If in Santa Fe, please visit Gallerie Corazon.

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  1. sahilkapoor53

    It’s always a delight to go through your posts Kathe. I myself have great liking for vintage Parisian prints. Wish you all the very best for your shows. The vintage art has always drawn my attention. Especially the floral prints and sober colors used in your paintings hold a touch of feminism and delicacy to your wrk….

    • kathefraga

      Thank you so very much for your kind message and thoughtful observations. All the best, Kathe

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