Eek! It’s Orange!

Tis the season for orange: Orange leaves, orange pumpkins, Fall is orange. And I’m loving it, surprisingly. Because L’orange is simply a color I haven’t ever just adored. I’ve just sort of walked by it with a sidelong glance and looked away real quick …it’s so, what? Quirky? Odd? Extreme? For the longest time, I labeled orange as the troublemaker on the playground, not friends to blue, always bothering pink, scaring green. But I’ve changed my mind and, bit by bit, I’ve fallen head over heels for this standout fire ball. I’ve brought it into the studio and onto my canvases and I’m liking the way it seems to surprise and shake things up–like a Halloween pumpkin with a spooky face, or the tiny brilliant jewel tone of a single nasturtium blossom.

Paris Sunset, 36 x 24 inches
Moonlit Garden: We Dream, We Fly - 40 x 16 inches

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  1. PG

    I have to admit orange, especially the darker burnt oranges, is one of my favourite colours. And as you’ve found out goes deliciously with so many others.

  2. sharon

    Funny I feel/felt the same way about orange, but could now probably accept a little of it in my life … I love these two paintings above and the orange adds some cheekiness to them 🙂

  3. kate smith

    Glad you made friends with orange. You aren’t alone. More and more people who once didn’t care for orange seem to be coming around. Orange really can play nicely with others if you give it a chance 🙂

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