Inspirations, Colors, Green Doors, Ireland and Fabric

Sorry I’ve been gone so long–the studio is a funny thing. You can enter in the morning, paint and paint and then stand back and paint some more and all of a sudden, it’s night outside. Where does the time go? Reds and blues and purples, oranges and greens, they’ve all swirled and whirled around on one canvas and then another and then poof! It’s another day.

I leave the studio to take long breaks with my pups. I love getting them all ready to go and out we head, rain or shine–mostly rain these days–up the steep hills, through the Island’s dark green forest paths. Fall is showing its colors and it is amazing to see the changes. I wish I could save each and every brilliantly hued leaf–how each leaf slowly fades is so beautiful. The hydrangeas too, at first bright vibrant blue, then soft pink and lastly a faded sepia toned lace form–so delicate, so breathtaking.

But I recently left the studio and canvases behind and traveled to a magical land: Ireland. I did not know what to expect going there but it was wondrous in every way. The people, the colors, the misty weather, the aged and crusted old buildings. The visit inspired so much!

There’s news now to share… I’ve launched a new set of the cards, based on my paintings…a second set of a collection of eight. Thank you for your kind comments! And the new fabric samples have arrived! Pillows, table linens and more are in the works.

Hope this post finds you well and happy and enjoying fall!

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  1. Esther

    I just found you via Pinterest. I LOVE your art! It’s so inspiring and beautiful! I was wondering where I could buy your cards?


  2. linda spiker

    Your work is so lovely and feminine. The color combinations are exquisite! I recently sent an email inquiring about purchasing original works, but I am also wondering where I might find reproductions and fabric in the states?

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