’tis the season – Red inspires

We love the holidaze here–the old house has plenty of nooks and crannies to decorate with hand cut snowflakes, vintage ornaments, and lots and lots of old Santa mugs.

And Christmas plates. Love old Christmas plates-each one different, each one so special–it’s how we decorate the dinner table Christmas Eve.

In the middle of the ribbons and the wrapping paper and the glitter and the glue and bows and tags, I’m painting. It’s chaos of course but the season is so kindred to my paintings and what I want to express with my work: when I clomp up the old dark stairs to the attic and look around the cobwebs and squint in the half light to see faded labels from last year letting us know where all the treasures are–Santa photos, ribbons, the family ornament collection, Nana’s hand-crocheted little Christmas doll dresses–I’m reminded once again of what inspires my work. It’s this: the old stories, the generations, the love of many families in a home, many colors, many wallpapers, much love. My work is about old walls and discovery and layers of love and time.

Inspired by red, one of my latest paintings – “I Always Knew,” 36×24″ – available at Roby King Gallery on Bainbridge Island.

Wishing you a wonderful and warm holiday!

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  1. Cat @ sea.sky.stone.

    I absolutely love the way you do reds. And your sentence “my work is about old walls and discovery and layers of love and time”…that is THE most beautiful description of your work. Happy holidays to you, too 🙂

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