Kathe Fraga – New Paintings at Museo Gallery, Whidbey Island

It was such a joy to take a road trip to Langley, Washington from our little Island–even if it was a wild weather day filled with lightning, thunder, fog, rain and sunbreaks (welcome to summer in the Pacific Northwest). We were off to see my new collection of paintings at Museo Gallery. Owner/Gallerist Sandra Jarvis always creates such beautiful shows. My work was paired with a variety of colorful and absolutely stunning glass pieces as part of the Whidbey Island Glass Invitational at Museo. I’ve shown with one of my favorite glass artists, Kait Rhoads, before so it was a welcome pleasure to see my painting A Rustle of Feathers, A Whisper of Love paired with her lovely pieces in the entry of the gallery. I took a few pictures to share with you. Hope you like them! (The show runs till the end July.)

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  1. Val

    Oh these are just beautiful. It sounds corny I know but they make my heart sing! 🙂

    • kathefraga

      Waving hi back from Bainbridge Island! Thank you very much for your kind comment-I really appreciate it!

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