Museo Gallery June 2014: New Paintings


Blush, 36 x 24"
Blush, 36 x 24″

My new show, “Love!” , makes its debut this June at Museo Gallery.  This new collection reflects my love of florals, blossoms and bouquets, combined with the centuries old chinoiserie that I adore. Thank you owner/gallerist Sandra Jarvis for representing my work these many years. It’s an honor to be a part of Museo–so lovely, always surprising and playful!

Whidbey Island, home to Museo (Langley) is always “home” to me. I grew up visiting my Nana and PawPaw on the island in the summers–the fragrance of sun-kissed blackberries, the scent of big perfumey roses that my grandfather nurtured on their property overlooking the island’s blue sparkly water, the tall cedars and pines watching us all from overhead, even the surprising pink color of salmon: these memories of love weave themselves into my work.

If you’ve followed my work or blog, you know how influenced and inspired I am by living so many years in South America and Europe and both coasts of the U.S. as I grew up. My paintings reflect this background.

Different cultures, different colors, different homes and neighborhoods, old and new,the beauty of layers and layers of distressed images, of  generations past, of stories told and retold.

When you see one of my paintings from across the room, you might see a certain pattern and a color. When you look up close, you’ll see a small bloom behind another bloom, a bird motif over another pattern, a little bit of the mystery of what came before and what was added later.

The soft blues, yellows, greens, (and new this year, peach), colors floating on frescoed panels with all the layers of motifs and imagery that came before and can be a bit glimpsed now, make up the direction of this June Collection at Museo. I hope you enjoy it!

Caress, 24 x 18"
Caress, 24 x 18″
Breathless, 40 x 16"
Breathless, 40 x 16″
Vintage Goyard (Paris, 1938), 36 x 24"
Vintage Goyard (Paris, 1938), 36 x 24″













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