Beyond a Pretty Painting

The good news I’d like to share is that my painting “Sakura Kisses” has been purchased by a major Seattle hospital for its public art collection. It’s one of my big pieces, 36×48, a size I really love working with. It allows me a lot more room to tell my story–joy and abundance, happy quiet moments, love, togetherness. I combine pattern and my favorite colors to express this message: reds, blues, pinks and sometimes the unexpected orange. And my images–plump lovebrids nestling, berries, vines, flowers in bloom–are meant to reflect a moment in time when all everything is just as it should be: peaceful and pretty, loving and serene. These are the things I think about as I work. As I paint, layer upon layer, I do hope all those things that I’ve just described resonate.

So it was with complete happiness that I found out “Sakura Kisses” will be installed in a place where people will really be looking for something to soothe a perhaps anxious and difficult time in their lives. Its an honor to think that one of my painting might help to lighten someone’s burden of worry.

Sakura Kisses was recently featured in the online newsletter Interior Design Chat

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  1. Emma Howard

    Art tells a story. Yours is evident to these healing professionals who connected with the meaning of Sakura Kisses.


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