New at Swedish Medical Center: 3 of my paintings!


I’m so delighted to announce that one of Seattle’s largest and highly regarded hospitals, Swedish Medical Center, has selected three of my paintings to be installed in one of its healthcare facilities.  I  am honored thinking that in some small way, the work might spread a little joy and comfort to someone during their visit. The reds and blues, the pinks and yellows, the roses and vines, the birds nesting and cuddling, the cherry blossoms and patterns–I hope the paintings help brighten someone’s day!

( There will be an upcoming presentation of the public opening of the center and the artwork. I’ll post the details soon!)

Sakura Kisses
Les Fleurs Qui Chantent

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  1. Seedplanter Designs

    I am thrilled, Kathe. Your work is emotive and very beautiful. If we get back up to Seattle someday, I’ll have to stop by Swedish Medical Center. So happy to hear more good news coming your way!

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