One of the Top Ten: My Video for the Design Sherpa Contest

A few months ago, I entered a contest sponsored by a social media company from Atlanta named “Design Sherpa.” It sounded like fun: Submit a picture and write 100 words about “What Inspires You.” Although the challenge was directed primarily to interior designers and other home-related professionals, I checked the box “Other” (as an artist) and wrote about the beach glass I find here on the shore and how the patterns and worn soft patina influence my paintings. Here’s what I wrote.

A little bit later, I was notified that my little entry had made it to the Top 100. And the next challenge was to write a 350 word essay again on Inspiration. I love to write so I had to jump in. And the fact the the Grand Prize was a 10-day trip to Paris plus $10,000 was also a wee bit motivating.

The old stone fireplace in our home was my muse. Here’s that essay.

Recently, I got the news that I was in the Top Ten. Yikes! The next challenge was to do a 3-minute video about Design Inspiration. It’s one thing to sit at a laptop and compose a paragraph or two sitting in your pajamas. Quite another to have to walk and talk on a video. Eek! I ran for the makeup bag and got rid of my paint-splattered Converses! Grab your popcorn and settle in. (P.S. My patient son shot the whole thing on his iPhone!)


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  1. Deborah

    Hi Kathe,

    Wonderful video (your home is gorgeous!) and I have my fingers crossed for you!


    [ aka Deborah @DANIELSMITH_ART ]

  2. Nyla

    I thought the approach to your essay was captivating. I wanted to read more. Regardless if you win or not, you’ve been able to really draw on what inspires you and in turn inspire others. Bravo!

  3. Emma Howard

    The embroidered french sheets and linen napkins reminded me of the textured backgrounds of your art.It all fits so beautifully together.

    Best Wishes in being offered the paid trip to Paris!


  4. kathefraga

    Hi everyone–for once, I’m speechless! (haha, it won’t last long!) Thank you so much for all your kind words and supportive comments! It’s been such a fun adventure!

  5. debra cooper

    I absolutely loved your video! Having just made a number of videos for an online class I’m teaching, I am painfully aware of how difficult it is! And yours turned out beautifully! And so inspiring! I never want to have a boring old table display again! Thanks for sharing and good luck!

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