Alice in Wonderland: color, whimsy and new Kathe Fraga Art

“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” Lewis Carroll (Words to live by!)

I’m delighted to be included in the new December Show, “Wonderland” at Roby King Galleries on Bainbridge Island. The group show of gallery artists showcases a wonderful collection of work, all inspired by the story of Alice. I have four new pieces in the show.

While I’ve always loved the magic and wonder of Alice in Wonderland–the characters, the environments, the interactions–the one thing that always has fascinated me the most about the tale is the absolute visualness of it all. The colors, the patterns, the zaniness of costumes and of beautiful flowers, Chinese lanterns above the tea party. That’s what has inspired my new work for December at Roby King.

Here are my ideas behind the new work: Gold leaf in the paintings represents a connection to the blond Alice, the bright gold watch of the White Rabbit, the tiny crown on the terrifying “Off with their heads!” queen. Pinks and reds are constant themes in the story–I’m reminded of how long I’ve been mesmerized by the idea of painting a blooming garden with actual paint! The Chinoiserie motifs reflect the tea party’s joyous color and pattern-filled event, from the table to the china to the guests themselves.

Happy 150 Year Anniversary to Alice and Lewis Carroll!

Fraga - What I Saw At The Tea Party - WEB
What I Saw at the Tea Party, 40×16 on frescoed canvas with gold leaf
Through The Looking Glass - HR
Through the Looking Glass, 27×23, vintage mirror with gold leaf
Alice's-Bedroom-Wall-I---WEB Alice's-Bedroom-Wall-II---WEB
Alice’s Bedroom Wall”, two 12x12s on frescoed canvas with gold leaf


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