Kaller Fine Arts, NYC and Washington DC, now representing Kathe Fraga paintings/commissions

I’m so happy to announce that my paintings are now represented in New York and Washington, DC by Kaller Fine Arts. I have long admired the beautiful work represented by Candace Kaller–her background in the arts world is amazing (see more here) and I am honored to be on the KFA artist roster.

I’m now working on a commission with  Candace for an East Coast client and it’s really exciting!

I love the collaboration between a gallery/client/artist. Before the project started, Candace was able to present my work in person to the client to show the unique texture and sheen of my frescoed Chinoisserie-inspired canvases.

The challenge was which colors to use for the client’s unique dining room space. I was given two pink options and a brown, along with a picture of a beautiful multi-hued Oriental rug (that I loved).

I painted three 16×12 inch sample boards using my botanical imagery that the client had requested and sent them to her so she could see each one in her room (see photos of the three boards below). What better way to see how the light works with each color and how the finished canvases might look in situ.

I am so happy that the soft chocolate brown background with pink blooms was chosen. Now on to the finished matching, custom ordered 42 x 24 inch panels…and yet to be decided are the border bird or deer imagery. Stay tuned!

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  1. Deborah Main Designs (@DeborahMain)

    Exquisite work!! So VERY excited for you!! Let’s pop the cork on a bottle of Veuve Clicquot. And a commission to boot….AWESOME!!! Can’t wait to go see your paintings in person when I visit my son the summer in Brooklyn.

    • kathefraga

      Thank you so much Maryellen–really appreciate your kind words! so glad you visited my blog!

    • kathefraga

      Hi Melissa! Thank you so much–exciting times ahead! 🙂

  2. Emma Howard

    Your art feels like the warmth of a beautiful older home that breathes beauty in and out. Congratulations on such fine work. :^D

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